About Us

Star Wars baby

It all started when I was looking for a Christmas present for our Son who was in between the age of baby toys and creative fun toddler toys at 15 months old. We were finding it hard to find him something that would keep his interest for more than 5 minutes.

I stumbled upon the toy of the year award website and started looking at the finalists. One of the categories were collectibles and in that group 3 items grabbed my attention straight away. Pop! By Funko LLC, Dorbz by Funko LLC and Lego Minifigures – The Disney Edition by Lego Systems Inc. Now, I know none of these products are suitable for a 15 month old baby but I had a little google and searched for a Pinocchio pop vinyl (our son loves Pinocchio) and saw the price was over £100! I had a little read up and found that Funko have a huge following and some older pops that are no longer available (vaulted) have rocketed in price.

I decided that every birthday and Xmas I would buy our son a Pop vinyl and put it away for him hoping that when he is older he would love what we have collected for him and maybe pass them on to his children or if he has no interest in them it will at least be an investment for him. I saw that Dorbz were the newer line with just a few that were vaulted but all still available in the shops so I went ahead and bought him the Ghostbusters Ridez Dorbz as I thought it looked great and I am also a huge retro fan being an 80s child! I also found the Rogue One 8 pack of limited edition Pop Vinyls from the Disney Store and just had to get them for him too (even though I said I would get him one per Christmas and birthday!)

I had also been looking at getting back to work now the little one is a little older and the two just fell together! I realised there is a market for these, so I bought a little stock and sold them on eBay quite easily and voila! Jak In a Box was born!

My future plans are to get into the designer toys market. I really like the Kidrobot vinyl toys and will start looking into getting some designers toys in stock!  I would also like to make anime a little easier to get in the UK, so I will be looking into sourcing some anime figures too.